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Play’n GO Launches Dutch Flip to Wider Dutch Market

Play’n GO, the dominant player in the Swedish gaming industry, has taken a big step forward by bringing the well-liked game Dutch Flip to the wider Netherlands market. Twelve months after the game’s first release as a single-operator exclusive, the…

GREF and NAGRA Join Forces to Shape Regulatory Landscape

The Group of European Regulators for Gambling (GREF) and the North American Gambling Regulators Association (NAGRA) have established a ground-breaking agreement as a calculated step to promote global cooperation and information sharing. Through this partnership, almost one hundred regulatory bodies…

Stefan Heikhaus Takes the Helm as Director of gamescom

Stefan Heikhaus will take over as director of gamescom, according to the German Games Industry Association (game), signaling a significant turning point in the development of the biggest gaming convention globally. Game made a big news, revealing that Stefan Heikhaus…

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