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Swiss Casinos Expands with New Licenses in Key Cities

Swiss Casinos recently received four new licenses from the Federal Council for their operations in Zurich, St. Gallen, Pfäffikon, and Winterthur. These licenses, including an online license for Pfäffikon, enable the casinos to operate from 2025 to 2044. However, Swiss…

iGaming Ontario to Launch Innovative Self-Exclusion System

In an effort to improve the safety of the iGaming industry, iGaming Ontario (iGO), a division of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), has announced intentions to implement a state-of-the-art centralized self-exclusion system. To guarantee that gamers throughout…

RAW iGaming Partners with Digitain in New Venture

RAW iGaming, best known for its bold approach to online slots, recently partnered with Digitain, expanding the distribution and reach of its games. This collaboration allows operators using Digitain’s advanced platform to access RAW’s popular titles, known for their immersive…

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