Top Poker Podcasts for Every Poker Player

Poker is a game of skill, strategy, and continuous learning. For a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the green felt, keeping yourself abreast of the industry’s latest trends, strategies, and discussions is crucial for success. Podcasts have emerged as an innovative, accessible means of staying in touch with the poker world’s pulse. Poker podcasts bring  a wealth of information straight from the mouths of industry insiders, champions, and enthusiasts alike. Here are a few poker podcasts sure worth your time.

The River

The world of poker never sleeps, and neither should your knowledge of it. Look no further than The River, your weekly digest of poker happenings, aired every Friday. With Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace, a world poker champion and professional writer, joining hands with Amanda Botfeld, author of A Girl’s Guide to Poker, the podcast is a refreshing fusion of news, strategic musings, and engaging dialogues. It’s a must-hear for those aspiring to tread on the path of poker mastery.

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The American Poker Scene

From the world stage to the nuances of American poker, The Overlay stands as a testament to the dedication of two poker enthusiasts from the Midwest. Their bimonthly episodes dissect everything from friendly home games to iconic Las Vegas poker rooms and casinos. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, including legal hurdles, gambling trends, tournament strategies, and the blossoming world of virtual poker platforms, The Overlay offers comprehensive analyses designed to pique the interest of any poker aficionado.


In the arena of poker podcasts, few platforms command respect like the PokerGO Podcast. Hosted by Donnie Peters and Tim Duckworth, this podcast serves as a rendezvous point for the crème de la crème of the poker world. It routinely features WSOP bracelet winners, WPT champions, online poker gurus, and revered poker educators. Tuning into the PokerGO Podcast, you’ll be privy to deep discussions, insider stories, and a goldmine of insights that can help transform your poker strategy.

The Poker Edge Tournament Podcast

For the dedicated MTT enthusiasts, Clayton Fletcher’s The Poker Edge Tournament Podcast offers an unrivaled deep-dive into the strategies that define the game. Every episode invites a range of TPE professionals and special guests to break down and discuss theoretical and practical aspects of MTT strategy. Beyond dissecting past hands, the podcast keeps its listeners abreast of updates from ongoing tournament events, thereby delivering a holistic MTT masterclass.

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