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Hot As Hades

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Hot As Hades Online Slot

Telling the mythical story of Hades who has to quest through the underworld, Hot As Hades online slot is here for fans of great bonus games and big jackpots. This 20 payline slot is developed and released by Microgaming.

Hot As Hades has a randomly awarded free spins round with sticky wilds and the epic Quest Mode which has you navigating 4 levels of the Underworld in order to retrieve a powerful artefact. (more…)


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Eggomatic Slot by NetEnt

Eggomatic is a quirky 3D animated online video slot game produced by Net Entertainment. The opening video sequence sets the scene as a mechanical rooster discovers egg production is down at the local factory. The Rooster then invents a Eggomatic machine to save the day. The backdrop to the game is a view of the factory with the mechanical egg machine sitting beside the reels. The reels themselves are mechanical wires where the various chickens (reel symbols) perch. When a winning combination is achieved, an electric current is sent through the wire animating the various chickens involved. (more…)

Horse Racing

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Online Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing is an internationally recognised sport that has a long and diverse history. For most people, horse racing and betting go hand in hand, or should that be hand in hoof. It attracts people from all walks of life. Online sports betting on Horse Racing is simple, informative and fun.

All you need to start taking part is to register and open an online casino or sports betting account and you can start making wagers from the comfort of your own home. (more…)


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Swedish Army Themed Hamilton Slot Online – This is a rather unique slot game from Betsoft gaming, a top slot developer, in that it is themed toward a Swedish army movie and as such also predominantly done up in Swiss. The reels are decorated ornately with a desert appearance and war stricken atmosphere hanging over the game. The symbols on the reels of this slot are also army related, with thick concrete borders outlining the individual reels and making these same symbols all the more germane. So even if players haven’t seen the movie this Hamilton slot game is based on, they’re going to experience the atmosphere setup in the game. (more…)

Hall of Gods

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Norse Mythology NetEnt Hall of Gods Slot

It’s time to step back in time and then out of reality in this online Norse themed slot game from NetEnt. The theme of this Hall of Gods slot follows the prestigious and well-known Viking Gods of old, including many of the big name players, most notably Thor. The graphics of the slot are well done, so too the general setup and theme portrayal. So whether or not players fall in love with this theme choice is up to them, but the developers at NetEnt have given it a solid go with this one. (more…)

Hairway to Heaven

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Online Fairy-tale Slot Hairway to Heaven

Aside from the rather obnoxious pun in the title this slot game fairs well when compared to many other online slots at the moment. Hairway to Heaven is themed on a rather comical take of the fairy-tale Rapunzel, with the characters, colour and overall whimsy to boot. The game was developed by RTG, a prominent member of this much sought after industry, and so from the get go experienced players will already have an idea of what level of slot game to expect from this one. (more…)

Grand Monarch

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Grand Slot Play with Grand Monarch

IGT games provider, a reputable and popular online gaming solution and software developer, has really created a slot game of the grander kind with the release of its Grand Monarch slot. Suitable for all players, whether beginners or experienced slot players, high rollers or penny-watchers, this slot provides hours of online fun for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

With five reels and a high betting potential in the form of 50 paylines, this online entertaining slot game really makes for rewarding real money gaming as it is loaded with many ways to win and money-boosting features. (more…)

Grand Dragon Slot by Ainsworth

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Go Asia: Grand Dragon Slot By Ainsworth – Thanks to the creativity and innovation of Ainsworth Interactive, one of the hottest brands in the online gaming arena, online slot players can travel to Asia and immerse in all the culture of this land through a beautiful slot machine. While other similar slots incorporating this theme come across as generic or cartoonish, the Grand Dragon Slot is as authentic as it is immersive.

Colours are brighter, visuals are more detailed and clearer and the whole online layout and look is more vibrant than others of the same gaming breed. Asia comes to life in the Grand Dragon slot by Ainsworth with the many themed reel symbols including the golden carp, the yin and yang, the magical golden dragon and the common Oriental gold coin. (more…)

Alien Robots

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Uncovering The World Of Alien Robots

When it comes to online slot games, the online casino industry has certainly seen a wide variety of different themes emerge over the years. One such game is Alien Robots. Developed and created by Net Entertainment, this online slot game is perfect for fans of animation.

While the game’s title may suggest something ferocious, the alien robots adorning the reels of this game all seem friendly and inviting. Aside from an interesting theme and friendly characters, this game also has plenty to offer players in terms of bonus rounds and overall potential to win big. For more information on this game, take a look below. (more…)

5 Dragons Slot Alternatives

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A Guide To 5 Dragons Slot Alternatives

In the world of online slot games, there are thousands of different titles. Each one has been created so as to appeal to a different segment of the market. However, every once in a while, a game emerges that immediately ticks all the boxes and becomes a firm favourite amongst the majority of players around the world. One such game is 5 Dragons.

This game has a perfect mix of excellent graphics and great functionality and as a result, appeals to a considerably large audience. However, if you have played this game plenty of times and are looking for 5 Dragons slot alternatives, see below. The games listed here have all been well crafted to ensure supreme entertainment value. (more…)

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