Three Rivers Casino Celebrates $1.1 Million in Bonus Spin™ Xtreme Jackpots

At Three Rivers Casino Resort, history was made when a lucky player at the table games struck the casino’s first-ever Triple Diamond prize on the Bonus SpinTM Xtreme progressive side bet from AGS. The player, who was playing a connected blackjack game called Bonus Spin Xtreme, won the top progressive jackpot of $79,759 after placing a $5 side wager. This player also triggered the hot seat.

Excitement from Casino Management

Rick Ray, Director of Gaming Operations at Three Rivers Casino Resort, expressed his enthusiasm about the success of Bonus Spin Xtreme since its launch in September 2023. He remarked, “The addition of Bonus Spin Xtreme to our table games has been a real game-changer for our casino and guests. Incorporating slot-style video wheels into our classic table games creates an exciting and engaging experience for all our players.”

Since the introduction of Bonus Spin Xtreme, Three Rivers Casino has seen a significant increase in player engagement and excitement. The casino now boasts 12 linked Bonus Spin Xtreme tables that share a single progressive jackpot. Remarkably, the casino has paid out over $1.1 million in jackpots since the game’s launch. This innovative addition has undeniably elevated the gaming experience for visitors, making each visit more thrilling and potentially rewarding.

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