NOGA Addresses Concerns Over Escalating Gambling Addiction Support Requests

In reaction to a recent study by the National Alcohol and Drugs Information System (LADIS) that revealed a worrying increase in the number of people seeking treatment for gambling addiction, the Dutch Online Gambling Association (NOGA) has released a statement.

The LADIS survey indicates a significant increase in the number of patients undergoing treatment for gambling addiction. This number increased to 2,456 people in 2023 from 1,920 in 2022. This increase has been attributed to the growth of reporting institutions, however some providers already in place have also seen a minor increase in cases. Four percent of cases requiring addiction treatment now have a connection to gambling.

NOGA’s Response and Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Eric Konings, acting director of NOGA, expressed concern over the findings, noting that while the rise can be partly attributed to increased reporting, it underscores the need for vigilance. “Gambling should be a safe and enjoyable activity for all Dutch citizens,” Konings emphasized. “The fact that 2,456 individuals sought help is concerning. However, it’s important to interpret these figures cautiously, as there’s often a delay before individuals seek addiction care.”

Konings also highlighted the lack of distinction between gambling problems stemming from legal and illegal online platforms, calling for clearer data to facilitate informed discussions on tackling gambling addiction effectively. Despite these challenges, NOGA remains dedicated to promoting responsible gambling practices in collaboration with AGOG, ensuring a safe online gambling environment for all.

The association continues to advocate for transparency and accountability within the industry, emphasizing the importance of responsible gambling initiatives to mitigate the risks associated with gambling addiction. As NOGA navigates these challenges, its commitment to fostering a secure and regulated online gambling market in the Netherlands remains steadfast.

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