Innovative Therapy Approach at Las Vegas’ International Problem Gambling Center

Situated in the center of Las Vegas, the International Problem Gambling Center is transforming the way gambling addiction is treated by identifying and addressing the underlying emotional triggers that cause compulsive behavior through intense cognitive therapy sessions.

The center’s rigorous six-week curriculum, led by Stephanie Goodman, focuses on group discussions and cognitive therapy sessions. These sessions explore the emotional drivers that drive people to bet excessively, delving deeply into the psychological underpinnings of gambling addiction.

According to Stephanie Goodman, who was quoted in The Las Vegas Review-Journal, while most Nevadans do not have a chronic gambling problem, roughly 6% do. She emphasizes how crucial it is to treat gambling addiction as a severe mental health condition as opposed to just a case of losing one’s inhibitions.

Overcoming Stigma and Embracing Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Kobie West, assistant clinical director at the center, underscores the necessity of cognitive therapy, as no pharmacological solution currently exists for gambling addiction. This therapeutic approach addresses unresolved emotional triggers and traumas that drive individuals to seek solace in gambling.

The center adopts a holistic therapy approach, combining individual counseling with group activities aimed at fostering healthier coping mechanisms. This strategy encourages patients to explore alternative ways of managing their emotions and behaviors, steering them away from destructive habits like excessive gambling.

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The center’s approach yields remarkable success rates, significantly surpassing national averages. Stephanie Goodman notes that while the national recovery rate for problem gamblers is typically 8-10% after a year, the center achieves a 44% success rate, rising to 98% for those who engage in follow-up sessions. This success highlights the center’s commitment to comprehensive treatment and ongoing support for individuals battling gambling addiction.

Participation and commitment to the therapeutic process are crucial factors in overcoming gambling addiction, asserts Goodman. The center’s holistic approach addresses every facet of an individual’s life affected by gambling, offering hope and effective solutions for recovery.

The International Problem Gambling Center stands as a beacon of hope and transformation for individuals struggling with gambling addiction, pioneering innovative therapies to reclaim their lives from the grips of compulsive gambling.

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