Responsible Gambling Advocates Call for Transparent Win-Loss Tracking

Jake Minear, a West Australian businessman, has put forward a straightforward but powerful idea. He suggests that bookmakers prominently display each patron’s win-loss balance. This would enable gamblers to monitor their spending in real time, potentially preventing excessive losses.

Minear’s proposal has garnered support from notable responsible gambling advocates, including MP Zoe Daniela and Tim Costello. Costello, known for his tough stance on gambling, believes this measure could benefit consumers by providing transparency.

According to Minear, each account should show the weekly, monthly, and annual win-loss balance on the home page. He likens this feature to how banks display balances, debits, and credits to their customers. “The gambler doesn’t have to show anyone else – but at least they would know their actual status and could make informed decisions,” says Minear. Unlike Costello, Minear isn’t overly critical of the gambling industry but sees value in measures that protect players without harming businesses.

Increasing Transparency and Informed Decisions

Minear emphasizes that this measure won’t stop gambling but will help individuals track their expenses and reduce the risk of developing gambling issues or overspending. Costello agrees, stating that the proposal “makes a lot of sense” and that incorporating such transparency into the existing gambling framework could only benefit consumers.

However, the implementation isn’t as simple as it sounds. Gambling businesses might be reluctant to adopt this change, fearing a decline in overall gambling spending. By informing gamblers of their expenditures, these businesses could see reduced profits, making them hesitant to act proactively without a mandate from higher authorities.

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