WPT Global Announces Preheat Festival with $3M Guaranteed Prize Pool

WPT Global is has just announced the Preheat Festival, running from July 12th to 21st, with a massive $3 million guaranteed prize pool. This event features a variety of tournaments, including the $220 Championship with a $300,000 guarantee, the $22 Mini Championship with an $80,000 guarantee, and the $2,100 High Roller PKO with a $200,000 guarantee.

Festival Details

  • Dates: July 12th – 21st
  • Total Guaranteed: $3,000,000

Key Events

  • $220 Championship: $300,000 GTD
  • $22 Mini Championship: $80,000 GTD
  • $2,100 High Roller PKO: $200,000 GTD

This festival will pave the way for the highly anticipated Summer Festival, which will run from July 28th to August 18th. The Summer Festival promises even more excitement with at least $7 million guaranteed in prize pools, following a similar structure to the successful Spring Festival.

Summer Festival Highlights

  • Dates: July 28th – August 18th
  • Total Guaranteed: At least $7,000,000

The Summer Festival will feature a mix of high-stakes and accessible events, providing WPT Global players the chance to become a WPT Champion online. Participants can also win significant amounts of money at the online felt.

Additionally, winners of all Preheat tournaments will receive a $220 ticket for the $500,000 GTD Summer Festival Championship.

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