Blask Unveils AI-Powered Analytics Solution for iGaming

A rapidly growing iGaming firm called Blask creates a stir when it introduces its AI-powered market analytics program designed specifically for the iGaming industry. Blask was founded by industry veterans Max Tesla and Dmitry Belianin with the goal of using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize market insights.

Blask receives support from Oakvale Capital and Yolo Investments, indicating trust in its creative strategy and accelerating its development trajectory. According to research, Blask intends to expand globally and targets well-known industry giants including bet365, Already Media, Sportingtech, and BC.Game.

Empowering Decision-Makers with AI

Tesla lauds Blask’s dedicated team of 33 experts, emphasizing their relentless pursuit of unparalleled market insights through AI technology. Meanwhile, Belianin expresses excitement as Blask enters the global iGaming arena, underscoring the solution’s potential to drive substantial revenue growth.

“Experience the power of AI-driven market analytics with Blask. Our platform provides a clear, data-driven roadmap for success in the dynamic iGaming industry,” reads a statement by Blask.

An AI-driven analytical platform that has been painstakingly designed for the intricacies of the iGaming market is the central component of Blask’s service. Blask provides businesses with actionable insights to spot growth opportunities and make wise decisions, with real-time data granularity of up to one hour.

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Blask’s solution makes use of AI and machine learning to interpret internet search trends and customer behavior with up to 95% accuracy. iGaming businesses can acquire a competitive advantage and the ability to capitalize on changing market trends by utilizing these information.

Blask is a shining example of innovation in a fast-paced market where quick thinking is crucial. It gives iGaming stakeholders the ability to confidently traverse the always changing terrain.


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