Ukraine Shuts Down 2,500 Illegal Gambling Platforms

The prosecutor general’s office has made public its extensive plans to combat illicit gaming in 2023 and the first few months of 2024.

Over 450 suspected incidents of illicit gaming are being actively investigated by the prosecutor general’s office as of April 2024. Of these, 72 people have received indictments; 68 of them are accused of belonging to criminal organizations. The increase in investigations is a reflection of the increased attempts to shut down illegal gaming businesses.

Year-On-Year Enforcement Trends

The figures released by the prosecutor general’s office depict a year-on-year escalation in enforcement actions against illegal gambling. In 2023, a total of 169 illegal gambling cases were registered, resulting in 52 indictments against 97 individuals. The proactive stance against unlawful activities has yielded substantial outcomes in curbing illicit gambling networks.

Over 7,000 pieces of equipment, including laptops, used in illicit gambling activities were recovered by law enforcement during the course of the preceding year. To further highlight the coordinated efforts to destroy illegal gaming infrastructures, some 500 search operations were carried out.

Law enforcement officials have increased their inspection of potential gaming establishments in parallel with their investigations. Investigations into 700 locations were conducted in 2023 for possible connections to illicit gaming. Additionally, the activities of eleven casinos were suspended, indicating a zero-tolerance policy towards enterprises that do not comply.

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Furthermore, criminal syndicates that support illicit gaming businesses are the target of judicial measures. Remarkably, 42 individuals of criminal organizations were the targets of 10 accusations, demonstrating the determination to take down the illegal networks that are responsible for running illegal gaming operations.

The preventive steps taken by the prosecutor general’s office highlight the coordinated efforts to protect the public interest and maintain the integrity of the gaming sector against unethical behavior. Authorities work to provide a fair and regulated gaming environment while reducing the negative effects of unlawful gambling through targeted interventions and strict enforcement measures.

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