Swedish Gaming Authority (SGA) Cracks Down on Two Offending Gaming Platforms

Two businesses that were running games in the nation without the required licenses have committed serious infractions, and the Swedish Gaming Authority (SGA), Spelinspektionen, has used its regulatory power to handle these transgressions. This action demonstrates the SGA’s dedication to a safe and player-focused market and serves as a sharp reminder of Sweden’s strict gaming laws.

After conducting a comprehensive examination of the CSGOBIG platform (csgobig.com), the SGA discovered illicit gaming operations. Notably, Swedish gamers were directly threatened by the website’s and its affiliates’ Swedish marketing content. The investigation also showed that there were noticeably insufficient safeguards in place to stop Swedish customers from signing up and opening accounts. The owner and operator of CSGOBIG, True Polygon Entertainment Limited, with its headquarters in Cyprus, has not yet addressed the SGA’s complaints.

Gamdom’s Unlicensed Operations

Smein Hosting NV, based in Curaçao, faced SGA’s scrutiny as the operator behind gamdom.eu and gamdom.com. The investigation revealed Smein Hosting’s active provision of services in Sweden, coupled with targeted marketing efforts towards Swedish customers through affiliate partnerships. Notably, Gamdom found itself on Twitch’s blacklist in August, as the streaming giant took a stand against unlicensed operators.

The SGA emphasized that the Gambling Act is applicable in Sweden and that it covers all games that are provided there. The legislation, with some exceptions, requires all parties involved in the gaming industry in Sweden to possess a current license and forbids the distribution of games without the required authorization. The SGA’s prompt action in response to CSGOBIG and Gamdom’s transgressions demonstrates the organization’s steadfast dedication to enforcing rules and protecting players.

The SGA’s tough stance against unlicensed operators is a component of a larger initiative to counter the ongoing danger posed by illicit gaming operations. The authority highlights how important it is to safeguard consumers and ensure the safety of wildlife, and that those who disregard the law must be dealt with swiftly.

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