Celebrity Streamer xQc Ejected from Canadian Casino

Famous social media influencer and internet streamer Felix “xQc” shocked everyone recently by disclosing that he had been ejected from a Canadian casino under duress. Well-known for broadcasting live online casino games on Kick, xQc described what happened during a birthday dinner party with his family.

After celebrating with a fun family supper, xQc went to a casino to continue the festivities and play some games. Before trying to take out more cash from a teller, the streamer remembered betting roughly CA$30,000 ($21,700) with family members. But even though he had already submitted tax forms and personal information, things took an unexpected turn when the casino personnel asked for it again.

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Security Confrontation and Abrupt Ban

During the stream, xQc vented his annoyance at the lengthy interaction with the casino staff. When he was told that he was immediately banned by three security officers, the atmosphere became more heated. Before departing the gaming facility, an irritated xQc demanded further information from the guards, criticizing them for their harsh demeanor and lack of clarification.

At the casino door, xQc spoke with seven security personnel in search of clarity before finally seeing the manager. The streamer questioned the prohibition while being led to an employee-only area and made it clear that he wanted to celebrate with his family. The management said that an online ban by an employee or the online system of the casino resulted from a 2022 article that claimed xQc had an addiction to gaming.

Following this, xQc attacked the gambling laws in Quebec, focusing in particular on Lotto Quebec’s monopoly model that controls all gaming in the province. Concerns are raised by the occurrence over the effect of media coverage on celebrity contacts with casinos and the openness of casino restrictions.

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