The 80s Arcade Returns with Real Dealer Studios’ New Game ‘Rapid Card Chase’

Real Dealer Studios, known for its cinematic table games, has taken a dive into the past with the release of “Rapid Card Chase.” This game takes players on a nostalgic trip to the 1980s, incorporating elements reminiscent of old-school arcades.

This latest addition comes after the studio introduced the hi-lo game series in July. The first of this series was the “Vinnie Jones Card Chase,” presented in a gameshow format by the notable Vinnie Jones, a former footballer who transitioned into acting. “Rapid Card Chase” mirrors the attractive features of its predecessor, especially the random multiplier which can reach up to 200x and is guaranteed to show up every 15th round. This new game, however, has a quicker pace and emphasizes its retro visual style more.

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An unmistakable 80s vibe permeates the game’s design. The combination of pink neon lights, 16-bit graphics, and sci-fi settings accompanied by rhythmic 80s music transports players back in time. This game intentionally juxtaposes its vintage graphics with a background that sets a modern-day visual standard.

The distinct appearance of “Rapid Card Chase” is credited to the innovative Cinematic RNG by Real Dealer Studios. This technique blends the art of film production with game creation. By using high-quality effects synonymous with big-budget movies, the studio produces scenes that are then incorporated into a game structure based on a random number generator. This hybrid approach leads to games that stand out in terms of realism and quality in the RNG game sector.

Shane Cotter, the Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, expressed excitement over this new launch. “When we decided on the 80s arcade theme for this game, our design and video teams took the idea and went above and beyond. Not only is the end result visually appealing, but it also promises entertainment that players will undoubtedly enjoy.”

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