SOFTSWISS Survey Highlights Asia’s Dominance in Online High-Stakes Betting

SOFTSWISS recently revealed that Asia is at the forefront when it comes to online VIP gambling, based on a study. While Asia dominates in high stakes, Europe outshines in terms of financial gains.

The acquired data from SOFTSWISS, a premier iGaming technology firm, indicates that Asia currently has the largest pool of VIP gamblers. Conversely, Europe stays ahead in revenue generation.

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SOFTSWISS’ expertly curated player profiles, stemming from Casino Platform’s client projects between September 2022 and August 2023, provide insights into patterns across Asia, Europe, and the Lat-Am region.

Asian Bettors Lead in Mobile Gaming and Bet Sizes

Asian players have been quick to adapt to technological advancements. Consequently, the region claims the highest average bet size among the trio, dwarfing Europe by 2.5 times and LatAm by four times. Moreover, a massive 71.6% of Asian players opt for mobile betting. Interestingly, women represent a mere 6.2% of gamblers in this region. Unsurprisingly, slots dominate, making up 80% of all games.

LatAm: A Growing Market with Modest Bets

The LatAm region, though budding in the iGaming scene, has players who place modest bets compared to their European and Asian counterparts. Over 69% of players in this region gravitate towards mobile gambling, surpassing Europe slightly. Women account for 17.4% of active players here. Darya Avtukhovich, the head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, shared that sports betting, especially soccer, captivates LatAm bettors. They also lean towards slots and roulette, with the latter representing 21.8% of preferred games, a percentage significantly higher than Asia and Europe.

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Europe’s Active Player Base Stands Out

Europe stands out with a player base that’s eight times that of Latin America and 18 times of Asia. Mobile betting is the go-to for over 68% of Europeans. Additionally, European bets average almost double compared to those in LatAm. Notably, Europe leads in female participation at 18.11%. Slot games remain a favorite, but card games and roulette are also in demand.

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