Victoria Proposes Sweeping Reforms to Curb Gambling Addiction

Melissa Horne, Victoria’s Minister for Casino, Gaming, and Liquor Regulation, has proposed the Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 to the state’s legislature as a key step toward addressing the problem of problem gambling. The gaming environment in Victoria may change as a result of these planned changes, which would affect both players and key industry actors.

Curfew to Curb Late-Night Gambling

The implementation of a curfew at the majority of locations with electronic gambling machines in Victoria, which is set to start in mid-2024, is one of this bill’s more notable ideas. Customers of hotels and bars would not be permitted to enter the pokie areas between the hours of 4 am and 10 am under this new regulation. Casinos would be exempt from this curfew and be able to continue providing gaming services during these times.

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The Victoria government claims that the purpose of this curfew is to stop the widespread practice of staggered opening hours in various gaming enterprises. This tactic is frequently used to get customers to transfer between gaming establishments nearby so they may keep gambling. It is anticipated that these activities will be considerably reduced once the curfew is in effect.

The law also adds additional measures to encourage responsible gaming in addition to the curfew. Most importantly, it suggests requiring pre-commitment limitations and carded play for all slot machines. With the aid of these new rules, gamers will be able to properly manage their spending by setting predetermined limitations on their gaming expenses.

In order to slow down the pace of the games, the government also plans to cap load-up limits at AU$100 and lower spin speeds. These strategies aim to reduce the risks of addiction and excessive expenditure while fostering a more controlled and safe environment for gambling.

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The Victoria government has committed to engage with stakeholders in the gambling industry through an implementation working group because it recognizes the complexity of these reforms and their potential impact on the sector. This cooperative strategy aims to minimize economic disruption while ensuring that the reforms are successfully incorporated into the current gaming scene.

Victoria’s planned gambling changes, if implemented, have the potential to drastically change the state’s gaming sector. The government wants to combat compulsive gambling and provide a safer atmosphere for players, therefore it has introduced a curfew, pre-commitment restrictions that are required, and other measures. The industry’s response and collaboration in putting these changes into effect will be essential in determining how gaming develops in Victoria in the future.

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