How to Identify and Avoid Rogue Gambling Sites

Every sector has a negative aspect. There appears to be someone attempting to sell you something that is unreasonably cheap everywhere you turn. The product often doesn’t appear or perform as it did in the advertisement, but you’re stuck with the outcome after you buy it. Scammers are omnipresent, but it is much more difficult to tell if you are being conned and who is responsible when they operate online.

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It has frequently been said that fraudsters are abundant in the online gambling industry; however, this is untrue. There are many trustworthy gambling sites, numbering in the thousands. Although there have been some scandals in the sector, aim to give you more confidence in your gambling site selection to avoid these dishonest operators.

What First Qualifies a Gambling Site Rogue?

We should first define what constitutes a rogue gambling site before offering you some advice on how to stay away from them. Many players believe that gambling sites are defrauding them because they never appear to win, although that belief is more fallacious than true. All gambling games have some house advantage; otherwise, why would a gambling site owner open for business if they were destined to lose money constantly? People play gambling games online much faster, which might make it seem like they are losing more money than usual.

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But this isn’t to say that some gambling sites don’t trick players somehow. Let’s look at some warning signs that a gambling site is rogue:

Slow Payments

While there is a slight delay in processing withdrawals, certain websites utilize this to mask the fact that they are paying you slowly. The website may take a while to pay out to get you to change your mind and play more, while other websites may not care if they pay players at all or promptly. The worst-case scenario for players is to make a deposit, play a few games, and then try to withdraw their money, only to discover that the gambling site is entirely unreachable. Although this is an extreme example, it does happen, so you should be cautious when managing your gaming balance.

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Unreliable Software

There was far less regulation of the games in the early years of the gambling sector, which is less of an issue now. The payout odds of some games might be “tweaked” by some operators, giving them a substantially more significant hold percentage.

Deceptive Advertising

If you find an offer that appears too good to be true, you’ll be on the alert. These sizable incentives and promotions typically are, especially if they come from a brand-new website. Rogue websites exploit these promises to entice you, even if there is no likelihood that you will truly win the prize.

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Funds Removal

Some websites’ terms and conditions include a clause stating that they can deduct funds from a player’s account if they believe the player has breached any regulations. Yet this is another method dishonest gambling sites may use to cover up the fact that they are cheating customers. Occasionally, players logged into their accounts to find their balances had disappeared because of a bug.

How to Safeguard Yourself from Scam Gambling Sites

Rogue gambling sites exist for various reasons, and all we can do is provide you with the best chance of avoiding fraud when you make deposits online. Let’s review some things to consider when evaluating a site’s dependability and what you can do to prevent running across a dishonest operator.


Checking whether a site has a gaming license is the simplest way to ensure you are playing with a reliable one. Each country that grants licenses to operate a gambling site gives a different level of player safety. We prefer websites with licenses from the UK or Malta since these two countries demand that all player cash be kept in a separate bank account that is routinely audited. Although Kahnawake and Curacao are more relaxed than European regulators, a gambling site operating under one of these licenses has at least undergone some due diligence procedure.

Visit Discussion Forums.

Several websites run by players provide players with a voice when they believe a gambling site has harmed them. You should seek answers from the site’s staff while reading a forum post about a website because some postings are users ranting because they lost their money playing games. If the gambling site isn’t responding, you should be concerned because websites may use forums to provide customer care in front of the public.

Make Little Deposits

Despite this knowledge, you are still at the gambling site’s mercy after you transfer your money. We always advise that you play within your limits, but if you have doubts about a site’s dependability, you should test it out with the smallest possible investment. Then, you should carefully manage your balance by taking withdrawals whenever feasible and keeping a minimal amount. You might pay more in transaction fees, but it is still preferable to having a dishonest operator wipe away your whole amount.

Software Audits

Specific gambling sites operate without gaming licenses to draw customers from particular regions. For instance, Malta and the UK will only grant licenses to operators who want to accept wagers from Americans. The next thing we search for in this situation is a software vendor whose games have undergone an audit. Vendors are proud to exhibit this; therefore, if you are still trying to discover an auditing firm’s logo, this should raise a red signal.


There will be others that wish to exploit gamers and have negative motives. You will be in the best possible position to choose where to play if you use the information provided on this page. You could, however, continue to have problems with your preferred gambling site. If that does occur, you cannot resolve the issue with the site directly.

You, as a player, are a member of the ecosystem that has traditionally done a great job of self-policing in the online gambling sector. You should report anything that doesn’t look right so that WeGamble can collectively keep these operators in check and maintain, giving gamers a safe and secure space to play their favorite gambling games.

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