Napoleon Sports & Casino Joins EGBA Group on Cyber Security

Napoleon Sports & Casino, one of Belgium’s top online gambling operators, has joined the European Gaming and Betting Association’s (EGBA) newly formed expert group on cyber security, becoming the first operator outside of EGBA’s membership to do so.

The EGBA cyber security group, established in 2022, strives to promote the highest levels of cyber security among its members. The group provides a venue for operators to share knowledge and experience, as well as collaborate proactively to discover the most recent online security threats, fix possible security vulnerabilities, avoid cyber incidents, and apply the most recent best practices.

The organization is made up of cyber security professionals from Europe’s biggest online gambling firms, including EGBA members, and is backed up by a Memorandum of Understanding. Participation in the group is accessible to all European online gambling operators, even those that are not EGBA members, as long as they follow specific guidelines to maintain the greatest levels of cyber security.

Tom De Clercq, Executive Director, Napoleon Sports & Casino, said:

“Providing a trusted and safe environment to our players is one of Napoleon’s strategic priorities. Ensuring the security of their data is a critical element contributing to that objective. Today’s increasingly complex and interconnected online gambling environment requires a coordinated response to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. Napoleon joined EGBA’s cyber security expert group to exchange best practices and help drive initiatives within the industry that combat online threats and provide a safe, secure, and protected entertainment environment to players.”

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General, EGBA, commented

“We’re delighted to welcome Napoleon Sports & Casino as the newest participant to EGBA’s industry group on cyber security and welcome their expertise, particularly of the Belgian market. The group is a valuable platform for operators to share practical information and solutions about the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities and contribute to a more joined-up industry approach to cyber security. Interested operators should contact us if they wish to be considered for participation to the group.”

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