MPL Closes 1M Player Accounts in Fair Gaming Offensive

MPL, one of the world’s top mobile and skill gaming platforms, announced on Wednesday that it has permanently closed over a million user accounts in order to continue providing consumers with a safe and fair gaming experience. The corporation has taken the step of removing gamers who did not follow the rules and used unscrupulous techniques to alter games results in their favor. Some of the key reasons for user accounts being blocked include the use of multiple accounts by the same user to access the platform, the uploading of fake or doctored KYC documents, the use of unauthorized payment methods such as stolen cards, and cheating during gameplay through the use of any hacks or collusion techniques.

MPL has extensive security procedures in place, allowing them to efficiently identify and block bogus accounts within a short period of time after they are established. The organization also employs best-in-class technological standards that enable granular detection of fraudulent accounts, including identification of the devices used to establish the accounts. When a person is barred, they usually start a new account using various email addresses. MPL, on the other hand, detects these illegal login attempts performed with the same device and permanently revokes their access using sophisticated technology. This guarantees that fraudulent users are punished and removed from the site, allowing legitimate players to participate in events with confidence.

Ruchir Patwa, VP Security and Compliance at MPL, commented:

“At MPL, providing the highest degree of protection against fraud is our topmost priority and we are committed to offer the users a secure and unhindered gaming experience. This move is aligned to our player-first approach and also highlights MPL’s zero tolerance towards users who resort to illegal practices in order to alter gameplay results and gain an unfair advantage.With initiatives like this, MPL is poised to continue being a safe and user friendly platform that is trusted by the users.”

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