Videoslots and MGA Games on Content for Spain Market

Videoslots, an online casino, has increased its online content offering with the release of a collection of unique premium slot games produced by MGA Games, a Spanish company that specializes in providing localised slot games for worldwide operators.

Videoslots Casino PLC, situated in Malta, can now offer its Spanish customers the whole portfolio of 3 and 5-reel slot games and video bingos thanks to the agreement of the two firms.

They highlight two of their most significant games in their statement: Paulo Futre The Last Gladiator and Chiquito, but the offer extends to 14 new slot games and video bingo games, with further releases scheduled in the following weeks. Videoslots’ inaugural offering blends oldies like Mina de Oro Plus, La Fortuna del Lejano Oeste, and Mariachis with newcomers like Galactica, Leticia Sabater Show, Amarna Miller Cleopatra, Bjones in Session, El Cartel, MGA Mix, and El Dioni

On its website, Videoslots says:

“MGA Games has developed over 100 games with HTML5 technology which stand out for their creative animation, as well as the careful attention to detail put into the graphics.

“MGA’s philosophy as a provider is to ensure that players have fun and enjoy the content of its games starring celebrities from various countries with carefully executed animations that will interact with players depending on the prizes won”.

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