Leading Italian Gaming Service Provider Microgame Pens Deal with Flows

Microgame, Italy’s biggest gaming service provider, has reached a deal with Flows to supply its no-code innovation platform.

Flows will allow Microgame to accelerate its business processes and drive change by rapidly developing new features and apps that do not require any coding. As part of the arrangement, Microgame partners may also take benefit of Flows no-code automation capabilities, allowing them to accelerate creativity and personalization with Flows automation technology.

Flows was designed to be the most agnostic piece of software on the market, capable of coexisting with any other piece of technology a company possesses, allowing them to be who they want, how they want, and to develop freely and without restriction. Flows enables companies to orchestrate many data points from a single location, allowing them to speed delivery while reducing operational and development time and costs. The plug-in no-code platform assists enterprises in quickening development and expediting integrations through a single interface and workflow automation tool. Flows collaborates with affiliate networks, operators, and suppliers.

CEO of Microgame, Marco Castaldo, said: 

“We are fully satisfied with the new partnership with Flows. Thanks to their no-code plug-in platform, we will be able to guarantee our partners an even greater personalisation of their offer with the possibility of developing promotional campaigns anchored to an even deeper and more detailed analysis of the needs of their players”.

 Domenico Mazzola, Director of Sales at Flows, added: 

“I am excited to announce that Microgame has joined our growing  portfolio of customers. It’s great to see a leading Italian supplier place true value and trust in Flows. It makes me very proud to see our footprint growing within the Italian market with Microgame now our third Italian based customer. I am looking forward to building a long-term relationship with Microgame and to see how they will utilise Flows to take their business to the next level and how Flows will enable their customers to innovate and stand out ahead of competition with our no-code platform.”

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