Football Scratch By Evoplay Kicks Off Countdown to the World Cup

Football Scratch, a new product from game development firm Evoplay, combines the pleasures of football with lottery for the first time.

The retro-styled instant game, which arrives just in time for the World Cup, is likely to captivate sports and iGaming fans equally, with lottery tickets and winning numbers that activate thrilling extra features and substantial rewards.

The simple title needs players to remove all protective coverings that sit above the ticket cells and compare them to the top five winning numbers.

If the player matches at least one of the numbers engraved on a Champions Cup, the player will get a bonus, with additional matches delivering increasingly greater prizes.

The size of the stake for each cell may be modified, and players can choose whether to play with 10 or 20 cells, giving them more control over the experience.

Players may also wager on the fortunate number 777, and if this number appears on their ticket, they will be eligible for the game’s colossal jackpot, which is worth an amazing 777x their stake!

Football Scratch is powered by Evoplay’s world-class game engine, Spinential, which produces 10x faster load-times, an enhanced UI, autospin feature and a game history mobile bar, allowing players to track their success.

“With the biggest event in the sporting calendar looming, we couldn’t think of a better time for our customers enjoy a football-inspired release, one that provides a unique twist,” Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, said.

Kravchuk added:

“Football Scratch gives players a fully customisable experience that delivers all the joys of lottery, with a punchy retro aesthetic that ignites World Cup fever.”

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