Stretch Network Launches Sonic Poker and All-In Cash Out

The Stretch Network is expanding its line-up and comes with a new poker variant, Sonic Poker, while introducing the All-in Cash Out.

Sonic Poker is a fast-paced cash game option in which players switch tables with different opponents each hand. When a player folds, they are instantly placed in a ‘Players Pool,’ and they go on to a new hand at a new table. When confronting a bet, players can fold at any time, even before it is their turn to act. The goal of Sonic Poker is to enhance the number of hands played by players every session as well as the retention rate of cash game players.

The All-in Cash out feature is intended to help players to play more hands while also pushing them to play greater stakes. It provides players with low-risk bets as well as the option to assess their win/loss risk based on the chance of winning estimated in the situation of two players going all-in before the river.

Both elements are intended to add excitement to the gaming experience while also providing operators with considerable revenue growth and long-term success potential.

The continuous effort on developing new features and upgrading the poker software demonstrates Stretch Network’s dedication to quality and adaptability.

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