PopOK Gaming & Timeless Tech Sign Partnership Deal

A new partnership between PopOK Gaming and Timeless Tech brings together two prominent iGaming content providers.

Both parties have agreed to enter into a business partnership to integrate PopOK Gaming’s slot machines, live casino games and instant games into Timeless Tech’s platform and bring amazing new solutions to their audiences.

With its unique gaming suite, which features attractive designs, vibrant colors, dynamic animations, and engaging sound effects, PopOK Gaming aims to create a more immersive gaming environment for players, thereby providing partners Businesses breathe new life and make a significant contribution to their revenue growth.

All in all, this fruitful collaboration is mutually beneficial: PopOK Gaming has the opportunity to bring its lucrative solution to newcomers, while Timeless Tech has the opportunity to attract and delight customers in new and compelling ways. This sets the stage for more success.

Karen Gulkanyan, PopOK Gaming CEO, said:

“We are beyond happy to be partnering with Timeless Tech, a leading iGaming software provider. This partnership is profitable for all parties involved, and I believe it will be so successful that in the future we will work together on other products as well.”

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