Flutter CEO Details the Fourth Pillar of Safer Gambling Strategy – ‘Understand’

In a new release, Flutter CEO Conor Grant discusses the ‘Understand’ pillar of its UK&Ireland Safer Gambling Strategy, with identifying higher-risk behaviours and stepping in early as key objectives.

Following the first three pillars, ‘Discover’, ‘Educate’ and ‘Empower’, the fourth of five key areas dives into all of the company’s ongoing interactions with its customers.

“Not just those who are exhibiting potentially risky behaviours, so that our colleagues, supported by proprietary technology, are better equipped to recognise the different pathways and behaviours which may lead a customer to experiencing gambling related harm.”

With the help of AI technology, Flutter is tracking over 250 different behaviours ranging from time spent on site to deposit methods and frequency of bets placed, to better understand how each customer interacts with their products and identify signs which might indicate that play habits are changing.

“Based on this data, which we incorporate into our future modelling, we can reach customers in real-time with messaging that is right for them. For example, during 2021 an average of 5.3 million automated interactions were made across our UK&I brands with our SG Operations teams then manually reviewing hundreds of thousands of accounts. Where appropriate, colleagues carry out one-to-one Safer Gambling interactions to ensure customers are fully supported, placing restrictions or limiting accounts where it is deemed necessary to do so.”

Flutter CEO Conor Grant concludes:

“We have made great progress, but we remain on a continuous journey of learning to further understand gambling harm and better meet our customers’ needs as a result. We are continually working to make every moment safe for our customers and I believe that our cutting-edge technology will support us in this journey and create a blueprint for the wider industry.”

The five pillars of Flutters’ Safer Gambling Strategy are:

  • Discover – Proactively advance the industry’s understanding of gambling harm.
  • Educate – Improve all customers’ and colleagues’ understanding of gambling harm.
  • Empower – Give every customer the tools and understanding to use our products safely.
  • Understand – Identify everyone exhibiting higher-risk behaviours early in their risk journey.
  • Support – Interact with more customers and give the right level of support for each.


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