7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a No Wagering Bingo Site

Bingo has long been a favourite pastime for entertainment seekers, and when online bingo arrived, it took off like a storm. Now, online bingo enthusiasts can indulge in endless bingo games running around the clock, with prizes of all sizes to play for. The online bingo market is huge, with hundreds of bingo betting sites to pick from. Most bingo sites dish up bonus offers to enhance your bingo experience, giving you more bang for your buck.

Most bonus offers are tied to wagering requirements, which means you must risk the bonus amount a certain number of times before the bonus money is released. On many occasions, you may not be able to complete the wagering and the bonus is voided. However, there are a number of bingo sites with no wagering available. These no wagering bingo sites don’t trap you into hard-to-meet terms, so you get to keep any winnings from their bonuses without any fuss.

Bingo players have long been stung by unfair terms and strenuous wagering. Now we are seeing a turning point in the online gaming industry, with more gaming operators choosing to take a fairer approach in a bid to gain new customers and keep their existing player base loyal.

The bulk of the no wagering bonuses will be exclusive to the first deposit you make. These no wagering welcome bonuses are designed to entice you to register your details so you can receive further bonus offers, most of which will likely come with wagering terms.

Bonus offers that are linked to annoying terms and conditions often eliminate the joy of winning a prize, as you still have wagering hoops to jump through. Winners are sick of risking their well-earned winnings on further games before they can withdraw and spend their winnings. The no wagering bonus offer started in online casinos and had since made its way over to bingo operators. These refreshing bonus perks come with no wagering strings. However, there will be other terms to look out for, such as max win amount.

Why no wagering bingo sites reign supreme

If you’re not familiar with wagering requirements, then you’ll get the rundown in this section. However, if you know all about wagering requirements, you can skip this section and jump to the reasons why you should play at no wagering bingo sites.

Anyway, wagering requirements have been around since the birth of the bingo bonus. The reason that wagering requirements are attached to bonus offers is to prevent bonus abuse and level out the playing field. Basically, if a bonus offer has a 10x wagering requirement, and you win £100 from a bonus, you will need to bet a total of £1,000 before the bonus winnings are converted to withdrawable cash. Although the wagering seems like a con, the terms are in place to protect the bingo site from players looking to abuse the bonus, such as depositing to receive a bonus, winning big, and then withdrawing all the winnings, leaving the bingo site heavily out of pocket.

With times changing, and bingo players demanding better service, strict wagering terms are on the way out, and no wagering bingo sites are on the way in. These bingo sites take a no strings attached approach, which gains the trust of bingo bonus lovers. Now, we’re going to take you through the reasons why you should play at a no wagering bingo site.

It’s bingo tickets galore!

You can enjoy regular no deposit bonuses in the form of bingo tickets. Just like bingo bonus cash, you can enter selected bingo rooms and any winnings are completely withdrawable. This means you can explore more rooms, with many prizes and thriving communities. These no deposit bonuses are completely risk-free and still give you the chance to win a decent cash prize.

You can take advantage of casino spins

Many online bingo sites will feature a casino platform where you will find a large variety of slot games. Many bingo sites will offer you no deposit spins where you can explore the choice of slot games. These free spin offers are designed to get you active on the casino site. Any winnings from the spins will be withdrawable, or you can put the funds towards more bingo tickets.

A risk-free experience

The no wagering bonus perks mean you can give yourself more playtime to try out the platform and see if it meets your needs. You can enter many bingo rooms and sample the offering without putting your deposited funds on the line. You can even jump over to the casino platform and dabble on some slots and even live casino game shows, if that’s your thing.

What you win is yours to keep

The best thing about no wagering bingo bonuses is that whatever you win, is yours to keep, with no funny business. That means you can spend your bonus winnings on whatever you like. You can purchase more bingo tickets, or you can cash out and treat yourself to something nice. It’s completely up to you!

More chances of no wagering perks

Although most bingo sites will only offer no wagering bonus offers on registration or for your first deposit, there is a good chance you can enjoy more frequent no wagering extras down the line. Bingo sites understand that it is more expensive to gain a new player than it is to retain an existing one, and therefore will aim to keep active players loyal through enticing bonuses, such as no wagering bonus offers. These ongoing no wagering offers are most often no-wagering bingo tickets, where you get to keep any winnings from that game.

Keep it cool with cashback

Although cashback is less common than the other no wagering bonus types, some bingo websites will offer a cashback bonus. For example, a bingo site may offer £10 cashback when you have deposited and wagered £20, then the £10 cashback will be paid as real cash, so you can enjoy more bingo excitement.

Fair values and customer care

Bingo sites that do away with wagering requirements provide a more transparent service, putting the customer first. These bingo operators are trumping those bingo sites that have annoyed and frustrated players with high wagering and sneaky terms. If a player has a negative experience, they can hop over to another bingo site in seconds, and it’s the no wagering bingo sites that stand out amongst the rest. These no wagering bingo platforms are collecting the disgruntled players and providing a better overall gaming experience, paving the way for the industry to change for the better.

The future of bingo bonuses

The days of heavy wagering requirements and painful bonus terms and conditions are numbered. Online bingo sites are realising that the way forward is playing fair and giving players what they want. Bingo players want to enjoy the bingo fun without any wagering terms weighing on their minds. We are sure to see the end of wagering requirements in the future, with more simple and reasonable terms in place to ensure the bingo operator and player both get a fair shake.

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