Ezugi Launches Ultimate Sic Bo with 1000x Multipliers

Ezugi has announced the release of a brand new Sic Bo variation – Ultimate Sic Bo. Since the company’s establishment in 2012 and its acquisition by Evolution back in 2018, Ezugi operates from various global studios with over 20 different game types and has partnerships with more than 200 operators worldwide.

Ultimate Sic Bo introduces a new and exciting feature – multipliers up to 1,000x that hugely will increase the thrill of the game that players absolutely will love!

The aim of the game is to predict the outcome of three dice shakes. Although the gameplay is simple, the variety of all the betting options provides a huge amount of player excitement and engagement. Ultimate Sic Bo comes with an easy-to-use user interface to make the game even easier to play without losing entertainment.

Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, said:

“Multipliers give player’s the opportunity to maximize their winnings and they have the added benefit of putting a unique twist to any game. This kind of feature can be seen as a key step for us to provide players with some of the best live-casino games and experiences.”

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