Flutter CEO Discusses 2nd Pillar of 5-Fold Safer Gambling Strategy

In a new release, Flutter UK & Ireland’s CEO, Conor Grant, highlighted the second pillar of his company’s five-pillar Safer gambling strategy.

After last week discussing ‘Discover’, Grant zoomed in on ‘Educate’, stressing the importance of “increasing the awareness of higher risk behaviours for colleagues right across the business, as well as giving customers the tools they need so that they can be alert to specific signs.”

Noting that safer gambling is given a central role in his business, with a strong focus on research and sharing of findings, the CEO said:

“We also want to normalise tool usage and remove the stigma around asking for help. Our ‘Play Well’ safer gambling tools are empowering and act as a safety net, rather than an indicator of problem gambling. They should also be tailored as we strongly believe there is no “one size fits all” solution, as every customer’s gambling experience differs. This is why we’re leveraging our global scale, capability and expertise to educate our customers and help improve gambling literacy through additional product information, tools and support.”

The five pillars of Flutters’ Safer Gambling Strategy are:

  • Discover – Proactively advance the industry’s understanding of gambling harm.
  • Educate – Improve all customers’ and colleagues’ understanding of gambling harm.
  • Empower – Give every customer the tools and understanding to use our products safely.
  • Understand – Identify everyone exhibiting higher-risk behaviours early in their risk journey.
  • Support – Interact with more customers and give the right level of support for each.

Flutter announced its ambitions as front runner on responsible gaming in the global gambling industry a year ago.

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