All Gold Rings Won In The Bicycle Casino Circuit

The Bicycle Casino Circuit of the 2021 World Series of Poker ran from December 4 until December 15 last year and saw a number of professional poker players win their first gold ring or add to their existing gold ring collection. It is one of the most coveted non-monetary prizes to be won within the wider world of professional poker and is often an indication that a gold bracelet may be on the horizon in future installments of the WSOP. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with some of the most notable gold rings that were won during the Bicycle Casino Circuit of the 2021 WSOP.

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Christina Gollins

 As the Bicycle Casino Circuit kicked off, Christina Gollins triumphed over 358 entrants to win $24,955 and her first gold ring during the $400 No-Limit Hold’em Double Stack event. The professional poker player, who hails from Anaheim, had to work hard to finish in first place, however, having gone into the second day with a relatively short stack but managed to claw it back towards the end of the day before eventually being crowned the winner after a heads-up battle against Oluwasegun Odumuyiwa that lasted a little over two hours. She has since admitted that she will pursue poker on a full-time basis after relocating to Las Vegas and giving up a career in property management with the added bonus of winning a gold ring only spurring her on to achieve more as her professional poker playing career continues to grow and develop.

Ryan Ko

The 2021 WSOP saw Ryan Ko become the first ring winner of the Bicycle Casino Circuit as he outplayed 113 entrants during the $600 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo event to walk away with $18,625 and his first highly anticipated gold ring to secure his place in this summer’s Tournament of Champions set to take place in Las Vegas. The Maryland native has a number of high-profile wins under his belt having competed at both live and online poker tournaments, such as those hosted by, in the past, but this win marks the first time he has finished in first place after a series of seconds and thirds over the years. He later attributed his win to the progress he has made since his past successes and the fast-paced structure of the Turbo event by gaining valuable experience with every event he participates in.

David Larson

While the Bicycle Casino Circuit saw a number of professional poker players earn their first gold ring, David Larson achieved his eighth during the $400 No-Limit Hold’em event. It may have been his first performance at the Bicycle Casino Circuit in several years but his win proves he still has what it takes to achieve a career-defining performance regardless of how much time has passed since his last victory. The event, which was the ninth ring event of the series, attracted 107 entrants with only nine left after an exhausting eight hours of play including fellow gold ring winners Meghan Smith, Lucas Tae, and eventually only Ray Wright. The professional poker player attributed hours spent studying and not being afraid to lose as the markers of his success at the table.

From December 4 until December 15 2021, the Bicycle Casino Circuit of the 2021 WSOP raged on and led to a number of professional poker players walking away with gold rings. It was Christina Gollins, Ryan Ko, and David Larson, however, that achieved career-defining performances during this particular leg of the tournament and, as a result, are more than deserving of their recent wins.

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