Gibraltar Authority Questions Jurisdiction in Mansion Group Probe

Karel Manasco, the former CEO of Mansion Group, has recently accused the business of illegal activity, raising a number of unsolved questions. These allegations have drawn attention again even though Mansion Group stopped operating in October of last year.

In October 2010, Karel Manasco started working with Mansion Group as a CFO. He was still the CFO but was elevated to CEO in 2017. However, Manasco resigned in late 2021 as a result of an internal inquiry, around two years before Mansion Group declared that it will close its flagship websites, and

Allegations and Legal Battles

Early last month, Manasco accused the company of engaging in “grey area gaming,” tax evasion, and operating in unlicensed jurisdictions. His claims, reported by The Olive Press, implicated several European countries, including Germany, Austria, Belgium, and France. Following these allegations, the Supreme Court of Gibraltar issued a £5 million ($6.4 million) asset freeze order against Manasco in February 2023, requested by Mansion Group.

Mansion Group’s lawyer, interviewed by, “vehemently denied” the allegations, labeling them as “sensationalized, unsubstantiated and factually wrong.” The lawyer refrained from further comments, citing legal actions and an “interim privacy regime.”

On the regulatory front, Gibraltar’s gaming commissioner, Andrew Lyman, acknowledged awareness of the allegations. He noted that due to ongoing legal actions, “it would be inappropriate to make any detailed comment as to any allegations which may arise therein at this time.” Lyman described some claims as “very historical” and pointed out that Mansion Group no longer holds a license in Gibraltar, raising questions about the regulator’s jurisdiction over the defunct firm.

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