New Licensing Requirements for Game Suppliers in Denmark

Every game provider hoping to work with Danish gambling operators that hold a license must get a license from the Danish Gambling Authority as of January 1, 2025.

September 1, 2024, will mark the opening of applications for these licenses. Online application forms and instruction materials have been made accessible by the Danish Gambling Authority to make the procedure easier. Details are available to interested parties on the Danish Gambling Authority’s website under the “Game Suppliers” section.

The Danish Gambling Authority requires game suppliers to have their games, platforms, business procedures, and systems tested and inspected by an accredited testing company. These tests must align with the Danish Gambling Authority’s certification programme before any games can be offered to gambling operators. A revised version of this programme is being developed, clarifying the responsibilities of operators and game suppliers. This updated programme will be open for consultation by mid-July 2024, with implementation set for January 1, 2025. Updated standard reports will also be available from this date.

Introduction of the Games Register

The Danish Gambling Authority will introduce a new platform for handling game certifications dubbed the “Games Register” in tandem with the introduction of supplier licenses. By October 1, 2024, this site will be up and running. Upon submission of their application, game suppliers will get login credentials to upload their data and game certifications.

It will not be necessary for previously tested and inspected games or systems to be recertified because existing game certificates and certifications under the present scheme will still be valid. On July 1, 2025, on the other hand, compliance with the new certification scheme will be required. It is thus recommended that game operators and suppliers implement the new program as soon as feasible to guarantee compliance.

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