Crypto Unicorns Moves to Arbitrum L3 Xai

Crypto Unicorns, the thriving gaming ecosystem on Polygon, has completed its transition to Arbitrum L3 Xai, enhancing user experience with streamlined operations. The move to Xai eliminates the need for Crypto Unicorns’ infrastructure, simplifying asset-bridging processes for players.

Introducing the New Marketplace

Alongside the migration, Crypto Unicorns has launched a new native marketplace featuring gas-free transactions and enticing reward campaigns in CU tokens and XAI tokens.

Aron Beierchmitt, CEO of Laguna Games and developer of Crypto Unicorns, emphasized the benefits of this transition, highlighting improved transaction speeds and enhanced features that promise to elevate player engagement. The integration of hyperinflationary tokenomics aims to foster a robust and sustainable in-game economy.

Scheduled to commence on Monday, July 1st, the upcoming play-to-airdrop campaign for Crypto Unicorns will run for two months. Xai’s inclusion of the game in its Vanguard rewards campaign allows players to earn Xai rewards through various activities, including logging in and completing tasks. Shadowcorn NFT owners can further enhance their rewards by minting minions in the Shadow Forge, enabling resource harvesting, ritual crafting, and minion minting to advance their leaderboard positions and unlock future gameplay loops.

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