Dan Bilzerian Joins Star-Studded Hustler Casino Live Stream

Dan Bilzerian, the controversial social media personality, is set to participate in Saturday’s Hustler Casino Live stream. The event, already featuring several celebrities, will now include Bilzerian, who is known for his outspoken nature, among other controversies.

Bilzerian, a former GGPoker ambassador, will be playing high-stakes poker at the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles. His presence is expected to attract both criticism and a large audience. Two years ago, Bilzerian called poker players “f*****g nerds,” a comment that still resonates within the poker community.

Joining Bilzerian at the table will be Twitch streamer Ninja, NBA star Jimmy Butler, boxers Ryan Garcia and Chris Eubank Jr., and soccer legend Neymar, who is also a PokerStars ambassador. Alan Keating, a favorite among Hustler Casino Live fans, will be part of the lineup as well.

The game will have $50/$100 blinds and a minimum buy-in of $10,000. However, HCL co-owner Ryan Feldman expects each player to buy in for at least $50,000.

Bilzerian’s rare public poker appearance will give fans and critics a chance to see his skills firsthand. He shared his perspective on poker during a June 2022 interview on the No Jumper Podcast.

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“My goal with poker was always to play with people that were playing for fun,” Bilzerian said. “I wanted to play with the rich guy that was playing for fun, not the guy that was trying to be a f*****g killer. I wanted to play against these rich guys that were going there to f*****g , like, blow off some steam, f*****g with their friends, show a big bluff, f*****g some massage girls, whatever, get out of the house from the wife.”

In 2014,we reported that Bilzerian got arrested at LAX for making bomb jokes. Prior to that he had also been in legal fight with producers of the movie ‘Survivor‘ for not meeting agreements.

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