Patrick Dumont on Potential Legalized Gambling in Texas

According to the Associated Press, Patrick Dumont recently discussed his thoughts on the possibility of legalizing gambling in Texas. The new governor of the Dallas Mavericks, Dumont, stated that “the timing is uncertain” for Texans to see a regulated gambling industry.

Son-in-law of Miriam Adelson, Dumont owns a sizable portion of Las Vegas Sands and purchased the Mavericks last year. Adelson is still the largest shareholder even after selling $2 billion worth of shares. For $3.5 billion, the family bought the Mavericks from former owner Mark Cuban.

Both the Adelson and Dumont families have been actively working to bring casino gambling to Texas. They have invested millions of dollars to expand gambling opportunities within the state. As part of this initiative, they have partnered with Cuban to introduce resort-style casino gambling for Texas players.

Long-Term Commitment

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the timing of a legalized market, Dumont assured the Associated Press that his family is committed to the long-term process. He stated, “We’re patient. We think long term. We’re not people who think in the short term.”

To proceed with building a Dallas casino, the city would need to approve various permits, including those for road closures and construction. Additionally, several procedures would be necessary to construct a large enough facility to house a casino.

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However, the current stance of Texas lawmakers on expanding gambling remains unchanged. The mayor expressed skepticism about whether the process will advance that far, given the lack of legislative movement.

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