Delaware Posts Strong iGaming Results for May

The state of Delaware’s iGaming data for May was made public, and it reveals a sizable amount of activity in both video and table games. Delaware gamers won $50.4 million after wagering over $51.7 million on iGaming tables.

Video iGaming Sees Substantial Engagement

Strong player involvement was seen in the $82 million in total handling that video iGaming generated for the state. Delaware’s iGaming handle increased overall from April, despite a modest decline in income, despite the high wagering volume.

Delaware’s iGaming income in May was over $3.9 million, which was less than the $4.4 million it brought in in April. This decline illustrates a pattern wherein more income does not equate to increased betting.

Leading Casinos

  • Delaware Park led the state, contributing almost $33.6 million to the total May iGaming table handle. Video iGaming at Delaware Park added another $38.8 million. The casino paid out nearly $32.7 million in iGaming table wins, generating close to $1.5 million in revenue.
  • Harrington ranked second, contributing more than $848,000 to the state’s total May revenue. Players wagered $11.1 million on iGaming tables and $26.5 million on video iGaming. Harrington players walked away with almost $70 million in total winnings in May.
  • Bally’s Dover received $7 million in iGaming table bets and $16 million in video iGaming wagers, generating over $776,000 in revenue during May.

Delaware’s May iGaming handle reached $133.7 million, reflecting a significant engagement from players statewide.

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