Plans for 58-Story Hotel and Casino Towers Aim to Dominate Niagara Falls Skyline

Hennepin Realty Holdings has revealed plans to build Niagara Falls’ tallest building in an audacious approach. The planned construction, which is slated to rise at 6546 Fallsview Boulevard, intends to erect two 58-story buildings in lieu of the current 21-story Oakes Hotel. The Architects Alliance, located in Toronto, hope to reshape the metropolitan skyline with this project.

The new complex will feature a mix of hotel suites, residential units, and a variety of amenities. The minimalist towers, standing at 210.05 meters, will house 1,140 hotel suites and 126 residential units. A six-story podium will connect the towers, with a central three-story atrium providing a grand entrance. The second level will host restaurants and a gaming facility, while a sky bridge on the fifth level will link the podium buildings. The sixth floor will offer a spa, fitness center, and pool, catering to both residents and guests.

A secondary site, currently a surface parking lot one block away, will be transformed into a seven-story parking garage to support the new development. This garage will ensure ample parking for residents, hotel guests, and casino visitors.

Competing Projects

While this development is poised to become the tallest building in Niagara Falls, it faces stiff competition from several other high-rise proposals. Among them are a 77-story tower at 5602 Robinson Street, a 72-story tower at 6605 Stanley Avenue, and a complex with 60-story towers at 6880 Stanley Avenue. Other notable proposals include 56-story towers at 5383 Robinson Street and 61- and 60-story towers at 5555 River Road. These projects, if realized, will contribute to a dramatic transformation of Niagara Falls’ skyline, enhancing its appeal as a premier tourist destination.

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