Online Casino Legalization Gains Momentum in Alberta, Canada

The Alberta government has begun engaging with First Nations representatives to discuss the potential implications and opportunities of implementing an iGaming model in the province. This initiative is spearheaded by Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, as part of Premier Danielle Smith’s directive issued in March.

Collaborative Efforts to Shape iGaming

Minister Nally has been tasked with collaborating with Indigenous tribes to develop Alberta’s online gaming framework. This includes working on responsible gaming programs and ensuring equitable distribution of both provincial and Indigenous revenue. A spokesperson from Nally’s office confirmed that meetings commenced last week, aiming to gather diverse perspectives on the iGaming initiative.

“Alberta can be a leading hub for [iGaming], with a strong emphasis on openness and a free market,” Nally stated. “We have low corporate taxes, streamlined regulations, and high disposable incomes. These conditions will allow us to establish ourselves as a premier destination for the [iGaming] industry.”

Meetings with First Nations will continue throughout June and July. The Alberta government also plans to engage with Racing Entertainment Centers and retail casino operators. The spokesperson emphasized the commitment to developing a comprehensive online gaming strategy that focuses on responsible gaming and revenue generation for both provincial and Indigenous communities.

According to Alberta Gaming, Lottery & Cannabis (AGLC) estimates, 45% of Alberta’s gamblers use the legal Play Alberta platform, while the remainder turn to offshore gaming sites.

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“The future for Alberta remains to be seen,” declared Dan Keene, AGLC’s VP of Gaming. “We support our Minister of Service Alberta, Dale Nally, in terms of his approach and his mandate to work on opening the [iGaming] market, to make it legal. AGLC stands in firm support of that. But until such time as that happens, the remainder of the market is really the illegal market that’s capturing the remainder of that share.”

Through these collaborative efforts and strategic planning, Alberta aims to create a robust and responsible iGaming environment that benefits all stakeholders involved.

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