Donald Trump Pledges to Eliminate Taxes on Tips at Las Vegas Rally

Former President Donald Trump has made a bold promise that is sure to capture the attention of workers in the casino and hospitality sectors. At a recent rally, Trump pledged to abolish taxes on tips, a move that would significantly benefit employees in these industries.

Currently, the IRS taxes all tips workers receive, which are crucial for many in the hospitality sector. Trump’s proposal to eliminate these taxes aims to allow workers in casinos, hotels, restaurants, and similar fields to keep more of their earnings. Speaking at a rally in Sunset Park, under the blazing Nevada sun, Trump emphasized that removing these contentious taxes would be a top priority if he returns to office.

“We’re going to do that right away, first thing in office, because it’s been a point of contention for years and years and years, and you do a great job of service. You take care of people,” Trump declared.

Strategic Timing and Location

Given the city’s substantial gambling and hospitality industries, Trump’s choice to announce this intention in Las Vegas was likely strategic. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Las Vegas alone employs approximately 300,000 people in these sectors. This promise is bound to resonate strongly with the local workforce.

Despite Trump’s announcement, skepticism remains among some workers. The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and the Bartenders Union Local 165 quickly expressed doubts about his promise. Shortly after Trump’s speech, union members issued a statement. Ted Pappageorge, secretary-treasurer of the Culinary Union, acknowledged that tipped workers have been unfairly taxed for years but cautioned against Trump’s promise. He stated, “Nevada workers are smart enough to know the difference between real solutions and wild campaign promises from a convicted felon.”

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This skepticism is also fueled by Trump’s recent legal troubles. He was found guilty on 34 charges of first-degree falsification of business records, making him the first former president to be a convicted felon. Despite this, Trump continues to dominate the political betting markets and maintains strong support from his followers.

As Trump gains traction with his latest campaign promises, it remains to be seen whether his pledge to eliminate taxes on tips will sway the majority of Nevada voters. While the state has leaned blue in recent elections, Republicans have been narrowing the gap.

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