GGPoker Introduces Pick & Go Tournaments Ahead of EURO2024

GGPoker, the world’s biggest online poker room, has launched a new format called Pick & Go tournaments. This format combines major sporting events with online poker.

Pick & Go tournaments run alongside top-tier sporting events, including international football matches. Each tournament offers two buy-in options, one for each team. The buy-ins are adjusted based on live match odds. Players backing favorites get smaller discounts, while those picking underdogs get bigger discounts.

An interesting twist adds to the fun: players who support the losing team are automatically knocked out of the poker tournament, no matter their chip stack, once the sporting event ends. The remaining players then continue in a standard No-Limit Hold’em tournament.

The first Pick & Go tournament is set for Friday, June 14, coinciding with the Germany vs. Scotland football game. More tournaments will follow, aligning with upcoming international football matches.

“Pick & Go offers players a unique choice; support the favorites for a better chance of staying in, or back the underdog for a cheaper buy-in,” said Sarne Lightman, Managing Director of GGPoker. “Sometimes you’ll have to choose between your heart and your head, maybe even buying in and supporting a rival team. With Pick & Go, the stakes are high both on and off the tables!”

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