Softswiss Launches Relief Campaign for Brazilian Flood Victims

Softswiss, a global provider of iGaming solutions, has started a relief effort in Brazil to help individuals impacted by the recent extreme floods in Rio Grande do Sul. This campaign is the first of a multi-phase, comprehensive charity endeavor.

In addition to offering emergency assistance, Softswiss is pleading with other iGaming businesses to support the initiative. The area, which was severely damaged by the floods in April, is still dealing with inundated cities. Local specialists anticipate that the problems may continue for a while.

Ivan Montik, Founder of Softswiss, emphasized the company’s dedication to Brazil. “Recognizing Brazil as a key market, Softswiss has dedicated significant efforts to establish a strong presence here. Our goal is to be a reliable partner to the Brazilian people and help the local industry grow. We now have employees in the region and in light of the country’s recent hardships, standing aside is not an option. We are committed to supporting the people of Brazil during this difficult time.”

He further detailed their immediate and long-term plans. “We are providing emergency financial assistance, partnering with organizations that can swiftly deliver food, clothing, and water to those impacted by the flood. Additionally, we are developing a long-term initiative to install water purification equipment in schools in the affected regions.”

Support from Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello, Non-Executive Director in Latin America for Softswiss, expressed his support for the campaign. “I am very glad the Softswiss team I joined is committed to supporting Brazilians in this difficult situation. Having launched many charity initiatives with the Barrichello Family Institute, I am grateful that, together with Softswiss, we also have the opportunity to help those who need our support now.”

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Softswiss is leading by example, showing their commitment to Brazil not just as a market, but as a community in need of support during trying times.

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