Optimove Expands Into Sweepstakes with AI-Driven CRM Marketing Solution

Optimove has announced its strategic expansion into the sweepstakes sector, offering its turnkey CRM marketing solution to operators in this niche. This move aims to enhance contestant experiences and foster loyalty.

Optimove has partnered with leading iGaming sweepstakes platforms, including The Money Factory, MyPrize, and Chanced.com. These collaborations will enable sweepstakes operators to leverage advanced AI-driven marketing campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

“These companies offer platforms for online giveaways and contests, providing players opportunities to win prizes through various games and promotions,” said an Optimove representative.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Contestant Engagement

Optimove’s CRM solution will provide sweepstakes operators with a suite of advanced features, including:

  • Enhanced customer profiles
  • Web and app personalization
  • A continuous optimization loop
  • Real-time marketing capabilities

These features are designed to maximize player lifetime value and boost retention rates.

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Tomer Imber, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for entering the sweepstakes market. “The iGaming sweepstakes sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and heightened competition, making it essential for companies to foster contestant loyalty and deliver highly personalized experiences,” he said.

“Drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise as the leading CRM Marketing Solution in iGaming and Sports Betting, we’re excited to introduce our solution to sweepstakes operators. This will bolster how sweepstakes operators engage with contestants, driving enhanced loyalty and maximizing lifetime value. We’re honored to welcome The Money Factory, MyPrizes, and Chanced.com as our inaugural clients in this domain.”

Optimove’s approach focuses on customer-led marketing, starting with the player rather than the product or campaign. This strategy has proven successful in the broader iGaming and sports betting industries and is now set to revolutionize the sweepstakes sector.

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