Crypto Casino MyPrize Rolls Out Worldwide After $13M Funding

MyPrize, a cryptocurrency gambling company, has established a social gaming website with a US focus in addition to its global real-money gaming platform. The company’s enterprise value has increased to $140 million with these launches, which come after two successful investment rounds that brought in $13 million.

With backing from Boxcars Ventures, Dragonfly, and former CEO of Peter Smith, MyPrize has become rather popular. The platform has over 100,000 followers on X and over 150,000 registered members across its US and foreign platforms.

More than 500 games from leading vendors like Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play are available on MyPrize. Customers may also withdraw US cash in-game into the cryptocurrency of their choice. US gamers may also participate in sweepstakes to earn substantial rewards.

Engaging Players Through Streaming

MyPrize aims to leverage Bet Together technology to create engaging experiences where users can interact with streamers. The platform has already partnered with prominent streamers, including AsianAndy, KingWoolz, TSteezy, and WestBTW, each with over 150,000 Twitch followers.

In a significant move, MyPrize has teamed up with 100 Thieves, a leading American lifestyle brand and gaming organization. This partnership grants MyPrize access to additional streaming and content-creating talent, enabling it to tap into a global audience of viewers and players.

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For context, MyPrize allows streamers to host dedicated rooms where fans can watch livestreams and enjoy MyPrize’s games. This setup presents streamers with opportunities to increase their earnings, as MyPrize promises uncapped income for attracting new users.

Founded by Zach Bruch, a former FTX trader and crypto expert, MyPrize aims to deliver online experiences comparable to gambling on the Las Vegas Strip or in Macau. Bruch emphasized that MyPrize seeks to capitalize on online opportunities and leverage the strengths of “massive communities that have forged deep interpersonal connections within message boards and chat rooms.”

Bruch expressed excitement about the future, stating he looks forward to seeing what MyPrize and its creators can achieve together.


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