Casino Files Lawsuit Over Formula 1 Race Impact

A group of businesses, including Ellis Island casino, expresses dissatisfaction with the fallout from the recent Las Vegas Grand Prix Formula 1 race.

Financial Losses and Legal Action

Ellis Island casino files a lawsuit alleging substantial financial losses due to traffic congestion and disruptions caused by the race. The lawsuit contends that the casino suffered losses of $4 million and incurred additional expenses for traffic management.

The lawsuit also criticizes race officials and Clark County for allegedly misleading participating partner casinos about the extent of road closures and causing unexpected disruptions to business operations.

“F1′s announced construction schedule, inclusive of paving and constructing the [temporary] Flamingo Bridge, would continue to fluctuate with no advance notice to plaintiffs, with each construction event impeding and interfering with plaintiffs’ customers’ ingress and egress, as well as the ingress and egress of Plaintiffs’ vendors and other third parties it conducts business with, which caused disruption to those contracts and Plaintiffs’ business and business dealings.”

The lawsuit highlights inconsistencies in the construction schedules and road closures, leading to disruptions in ingress and egress for the casino’s customers and vendors. It also criticizes the county’s negotiation process and the lack of public input regarding the race’s impact on local businesses.

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“Ellis Island’s damages to date are already in the millions of dollars,” attorneys representing the property stated. “And as you know, F1 is planning on holding its race every year for the next nine years, which will continue to cause Ellis Island significant economic losses in the future.”

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