TNN’s Newest Video Podcast “Hello and Welcome” is Out, Sponsored by Betway

The Nation Network (TNN) has introduced a fresh addition to its content repertoire: a video podcast titled “Hello and Welcome with Will Lou & Alex Wong,” tailored for Canadian audiences. This podcast, sponsored by Betway, will delve into NBA coverage, offering insights both on and off the court.

A Focus on Community and Fandom Growth

Beyond sports coverage, the podcast endeavors to foster a sense of community through various annual events, aiming to expand basketball fandom not only in Canada but also globally.

TNN has enlisted the expertise of Canadian basketball media figures, Will Lou and Alex Wong, to spearhead the podcast during the upcoming 2024 – 2025 season. Scheduled to air three times weekly, the show promises a blend of engaging discussions and captivating insights.

Jerome Cheng, a seasoned basketball media producer, will helm the product team, ensuring the podcast maintains its high-quality standards and resonates with its audience.

Will Lou expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing his commitment to delivering top-notch content for Raptors fans. He praised Alex’s contributions, citing his humor, perspective, and ambition as invaluable assets to the program. Additionally, he lauded Jerome Cheng’s prowess as a creative and accomplished producer, highlighting the collective strength of the team.

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Alex Wong echoed Lou’s sentiments, reflecting on their past collaborations and expressing eagerness for the journey ahead. He acknowledged the team’s shared vision for elevating Raptors and basketball-related content, underscoring their determination to push creative boundaries with the support of TNN.

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