XGENIA Introduces AI-Generated Slots Platform

XGENIA, a leading player in the iGaming industry, has introduced a new platform that generates slot games using AI technology. This innovative solution allows operators to create unique slot games in under 20 minutes, significantly cutting down on development time and costs. The platform, equipped with advanced AI-driven player analytics and fast API integration, is now available for forward-thinking clients and operators.

XGENIA’s new AI-generated slots platform stands out by enabling iGaming operators to produce new slot games in minutes instead of months. The technology utilizes AI agents to simulate traditional workforce roles, making the game development process more efficient and cost-effective. With quick integration and personalized gaming experiences, XGENIA is set to transform the iGaming landscape.

Mark Flores Martin, CEO of XGENIA, highlighted the importance of this launch. “Our platform reduces game development time and costs dramatically. We are enhancing operational efficiency and giving operators tools to deliver endless engaging content to players quickly. Our AI agents bring creativity, learning, and advanced player analytics to the table, setting new industry standards.”

The company is in discussions with potential partners in both advanced economies and emerging markets, showcasing the transformative potential of AI in iGaming. Interested parties can book live demos through the XGENIA website.

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