Danish Gambling Authority Updates Game Data Reporting Requirements

The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has revised its requirements for reporting game data, seeking public feedback before finalizing these changes. Stakeholders can submit comments until June 10, 2024, via the DGA’s contact form.

Key Changes in Reporting Requirements

The updated guidelines introduce several significant changes. Notable among these are:

  • Bets on fixed odds must now be reported as independent transactions.
  • New requirements mandate reporting on betting odds.
  • Event information reporting must include a list with country codes and sports.
  • Specific requirements for partially closed bets and spread betting have been added.
  • Clarifications on how to handle reporting for the betting exchange/BetExchange.
  • The exception for SpillerInformationIdentifikation in land-based betting has been removed with the introduction of Player ID requirements.
  • Reporting for RNG used in Virtual Fixed Odds has been added.
  • A new rule states a casino session cannot be interrupted mid-move, with a definition of “a move.”
  • Detailed reporting for different poker types has been clarified.
  • Requirements for win lists in poker tournaments and manager games have been added.
  • Pool games’ downscaling has been clarified.
  • New requirements for providing test data for jackpots have been included.
  • Clear distinctions between changes to game results and error reporting corrections have been outlined.

Timeline and Implementation

The DGA plans to implement these updated reporting requirements in 2025. Although the exact date remains undetermined, a possible transition period will be detailed when the final requirements are issued. This allows operators time to adjust to the new regulations.

The DGA encourages stakeholders to provide feedback on these updates. This collaborative approach aims to refine the reporting requirements, ensuring clarity and compliance across the industry.

Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, highlighted the importance of such updates: “Ensuring accurate and transparent reporting helps maintain the integrity of the gaming industry.”

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By revising these requirements, the DGA aims to enhance the accuracy and transparency of game data reporting, contributing to a fairer and more regulated gambling environment.

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