New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes Enhanced Consumer Protections in Casinos

In order to strengthen consumer protections at land-based casinos, Senator John McKeon is leading a legislative push in New Jersey. In response to current debates about gambling addiction and the obligations of gaming operators, the proposed legislation S3062 and S3063 were created.

McKeon’s first bill, S3062, focuses on non-wagering casino games that entice players to engage in gambling activities without having to spend any money. These games mimic the excitement and rules of traditional gambling, even if they don’t use real money. As such, they may have an impact on susceptible groups including children and those who are prone to addiction.

The legislation seeks to prohibit casinos from offering such games, as well as curtailing marketing tactics designed to entice future participation in wagering activities. By addressing these loopholes, McKeon aims to mitigate the risk of exploitation and protect consumers from unintended gambling exposure.

S3063 Mandates Stricter Screening Measures

In tandem with S3062, McKeon’s second bill, S3063, places greater responsibility on casinos to screen gamblers and prevent access to individuals on self-exclusion lists or those recovering from gambling addiction. Termed as “reckless indifference or intentional misconduct,” the legislation holds casinos accountable for neglecting adequate safeguards against vulnerable consumers.

The case of Sam. A Antar underscores the urgency of such measures, with Antar, a recovering gambling addict, alleging that he was targeted by BetMGM shortly after his release from prison. Despite being on a self-exclusion list, Antar received promotional offers, highlighting lapses in the screening process.

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While initially focusing on land-based gambling, the implications of these bills extend to online gambling platforms, reflecting broader efforts to enhance consumer protections across the industry. Meanwhile, a separate legislative initiative aims to restrict the proliferation of sports betting advertisements nationwide.

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