Spanish Gambling Regulator DGOJ Pursues Centralized Data Registry

The DGOJ, the Spanish gaming regulator, is establishing the framework for a centralized gambling data registry in an effort to simplify data management procedures. With the help of this project, all authorized operators in Spain will provide complete consumer data.

Engagements with the Sectoral Commission and the advisory body of the General Assembly have begun, with DGOJ Director General Mikel Arana leading the discussions. Creating a single report on gaming activities and improving data integration amongst public authorities are the main goals.

Arana emphasizes, “A centralized data registry will bolster transparency and accountability within Spain’s gambling landscape, fostering adherence to responsible gaming standards.”

Progress Towards Implementation

The creation of this central register is required by the General Assembly’s instruction, which was given through the Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments more than a year ago. It will enable the DGOJ to keep a close eye on operators’ operations and interactions with customers. Specifically, operators will need to create risk profiles for clients who are younger than 25.

The subsequent stage entails interacting with stakeholders, especially operators, in order to obtain feedback in order to complete an implementation plan by the end of the year. The register is expected to go live by early 2025, which is also the time when the decree’s other know-your-customer requirements will be implemented.

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