Social Casino Insights, A Deep Dive into Player Behavior

SOFTSWISS recently made waves by acquiring a stake in Ously Games GmbH, the mastermind behind the rapidly growing European social casino, Delving into the realm of social casino gaming, SOFTSWISS experts embarked on an exploration of player trends and the distinctive characteristics setting it apart from traditional online casinos.

An intriguing aspect emerges when dissecting the social casino player profile: over 80% prefer to remain anonymous regarding their age and gender. However, among those who do disclose such information, a predominant demographic emerges—young males under the age of 30. Furthermore, the player base predominantly hails from Germany, followed closely by enthusiasts from the UK and other European nations like the Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, Greece, and Poland.

In analyzing player behavior, it’s crucial to acknowledge that social casino applications typically don’t mandate age verification or detailed personal information, rendering the accuracy of shared data variable.

Dive into Player Habits and Preferences

The data from offers fascinating insights into player habits and peak activity periods. With an average session spanning approximately 47 minutes, the platform witnesses its zenith of activity during daytime and evening hours, peaking between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Interestingly, activity dwindles during the early morning hours, reflecting a nearly threefold contrast in engagement between night and day.

Weekday patterns unveil peaks on Fridays and Sundays, with Mondays witnessing a slight decline. Remarkably, the variance in activity levels throughout the week remains modest, hovering around 10%.

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Furthermore, retention rates paint a compelling picture. Nearly 40% of players exhibit activity on the first day post-installation, dwindling to 14% by the thirtieth day—a testament to the dynamic nature of player engagement.

With an impressive library boasting over 3,000 games from nearly 40 providers, showcases a diverse array of gaming options. Notably, the top 15 games monopolize half of all gaming sessions, with slots reigning supreme as the preferred choice—mirroring trends observed in traditional online casinos.

Reflecting on the analysis, Jochen Martinez, Founder of Ously Games GmbH, underscores “This analysis perfectly illustrates how social casinos fulfil the same player needs as traditional casinos, offering a safer gaming experience. Combining gaming with social interactions provides a unique environment and neutralises financial risks. Players can enjoy activities like connecting with friends while playing their favourite games.”

Vitali Matsukevich, COO at SOFTSWISS, underscores the transformative potential of social casinos within the broader entertainment landscape. She said,  “Social casinos are part of the mega trend in the global entertainment industry, where player behaviour coincides with those in traditional online casino gaming. Anticipating social casinos’ evolution and integration with iGaming, SOFTSWISS partnered with Ously Games GmbH to present a new B2B software product – a comprehensive platform for social casinos.”

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