No Interest in Star Entertainment, Declares Hard Rock International

Hard Rock International has issued a statement denying any involvement in potential transactions with Star Entertainment Group. This response comes after Star Entertainment reported on May 20 that it had received interest from several external parties, including Hard Rock Hotel and Resorts (Pacific).

Hard Rock International clarified, “We want to make it clear that Hard Rock International is not involved in, nor has it authorized, any discussions, activities or negotiations on its behalf in connection with a proposed bid for Star. Hard Rock International has similarly not authorized the use of the Hard Rock brand in connection with any proposed bid for Star by any third party.”

Challenges for Star Entertainment

This news follows a series of regulatory and executive upheavals for Star Entertainment. In April 2024, Chairman David Foster stepped down. The company faced a turbulent period in March, losing both its CEO and CFO, and reporting a 14.6% drop in net revenue for H1 2024. Additionally, in April, the NSW Independent Casino Commission’s investigations led to allegations of misconduct, prompting the resignation of Gold Coast CEO Jessica Mellor within a week.

Hard Rock International emphasized the importance of its brand integrity in the press release. “Our brand is built on a legacy of integrity, excellence and a commitment to our guests, partners and team members worldwide. Any misuse of the Hard Rock name in unauthorized business dealings is taken very seriously. We are currently investigating this matter and will pursue all necessary legal actions to protect our brand and reputation.”

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